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VNB Player Insurance

For players who have registered with Volleyball New Brunswick and paid the insurance fee, you will be offered an insurance package. Here is how it works:

How long do I have to report a Sport Accident?


You have up to 30 days to report a Sport Accident claim, but you should report as soon as possible by submitting the “Athlete Accident Claim Form” to K & K Insurance. You do not have to wait for all your receipts before submitting a claim. Once your claim file has been opened, any receipts can be submitted on an ongoing basis up to one year after the accident date.


If I have other insurance, do I submit my receipts to that company first?

Yes, any provincial health insurance or employee benefits insurance plan would be primary to the Association’s Sport Accident Insurance. Therefore, you should submit your receipts to that plan first, but do complete and send the “Athlete Accident Claim Form” to K & K Insurance within the 30 days to have the claim registered. Question #10 on the form asks if there is any other insurance in force. This will indicate to K & K that the balance of the receipts not paid by the primary insurer will be forwarded once all other insurance is exhausted.


How long can I claim medical expenses for a sport accident injury?


Up to one year from the date of the accident.


** Players and/or their parents/wards will be responsible for making any claims.


Sport Accident Claims

In the unfortunate event of a Sport Accident injury, please complete the Athlete Accident Claim Form provided from your Association and submit along with the Physician’s report (if provided) within 30 days after the accident to:


K & K Insurance Group Canada

Claims Department

5800 Explorer Drive, Suite 101

Mississauga, ON

L4W 5K9

Tel: (905) 602-9339 or 800-753-2632

Fax: (905) 602-9141


Steps for injured players and/or their Ward:

  1. Contact the Club Director for the “Athlete Accident Claim Form”.

  2. Complete the form. A signature of the “Authorized Representative” (Volleyball New Brunswick) will be required. The Club Director will assist in this process.

  3. Send completed form within 30 days of injury to K & K Insurance to open your file.

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